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End Game.

Hey Dear Readers, Question for you all. Specifically to MMO’s does end game matter to you? As i had said in my prior post i’ve been playing a TON of ESO, Elder Scrolls Online. Now my dear Grey Claws is not even remotely in the thousands for his champion points level. As of last night … Continue reading End Game.

The Adventure of Grey-Claws

Hello my dear readers! 🙂 I promise you all i am very much still alive. I took a bit of a blogging break for reasons. However, that does not mean i have not been gaming. If you all have been watching my twitch streams, or the replays you’ll know i have been knee deep in … Continue reading The Adventure of Grey-Claws

My Time in Elden Ring

Hey Dear Reader and Friends, Let me start by saying I am NOT a souls player. I tried darksouls 3 and my god, it was a bloodbath. I am not afraid of a good fight but this was something totally different and your dear Otome was not a fan. Now to bring us to Elden … Continue reading My Time in Elden Ring

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