Who doesn’t love Victorian men

Okie dokie friends, Happy Sunday! I am up at the ungodly hour of 6am my time because daylight savings is here. I guess that is a yay, maybe, eh not for me. Anyway who doesn’t love Victorian men, better yet who doesn’t love Victorian men in steam punk London, answer everyone loves them!.

If you haven’t guessed I have started playing Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth. So far I love it. I mean the whole being a lady whose skin can melt people is new but a cool twist and it will be interesting to see how it shapes out.

I will admit Lupin does little for me right now other then being a pretty face. Presently I am being a big fan of Impey Barbicane the hair, and he is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Show me how to work that car Daddy. Ha, that was a cringe worthy moment however still made me laugh at my own joke. What is everyone’s go to?

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