Otome games and how they helped me with my mental health and relationships

Happy Monday friends! I got hit yesterday evening with a thought. Otome games have done wonders for me in regards to my mental health when it comes to relationships.

To be clear I have also gone to therapy off and on starting in college and have found it extremely helpful and recommend it for everyone young or old.

With Otome games even though I am clearly playing a girl I noticed it has allowed me to be okay with a few things. 1. Waiting for the right guy and 2. Being happy with who I am and learning to love myself flaws and all and lastly 3. Growing from my horrid internet dating site experience’s.

So to start with I am finally okay waiting for the right guy. Now I am not expecting a hot guy to come knocking to my door during a global pandemic but playing these games makes me realize the right guy is worth the wait but that doesn’t mean that I am going to sit on my butt I need to get out there and get out of my comfort zone.

Every start of most Otome games I am playing right now the main character comes in missing something be it confidence, lost on the direction they need to take in life or even a family member for better answers. The men in the games are part of the story but aren’t used to lift them up but support the main characters growth. That is wonderful to see.

This helped me realize two things. Number one I need to focus on me and not try to find people to make me better I need to make me better. Two, The right guy will be there when I learn to better love myself. I know, I know it should be a no duh moment but still happy I got there.

Lastly, Otome games helped me realize that even though I have had some absolutely horrid online dating experiences I need to continue to go out there and get out of my comfort zone. I cannot sit while the whole world keeps spinning.

To help with this I have started up some new hobbies. Such as Fridays I have a virtual table top, I am eating healthier, reading more and listening to podcasts to expand my knowledge. Some days aren’t perfect and that is okay. I am bigger then my relationship issues, I am bigger then anything my mental health throws at me because I know I am doing the best I can to control what I have the power to. Realizing that is a big part of being okay and these Otome games have helped with that.

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