Got one of the Sad Ending in Nekojishi Omg I was not ready

Oh my god guys I am still reeling. I finished my first playthrough of NekoJishi and I was not ready for that. No spoilers so no worries there but damn it hit me in the feels. Like I want t0 dive back in but I need some time to recover. Things were going so well them BAM! Much like life I suppose.

Still though these kitties are so yummy and the art work is so good. I am excited to see what my next play through brings. Hopefully I can get a happier ending and to be honest I will be walking on egg shells on my next go around. Who was everyone’s go to on their first play though. What was the most memorizing part of it.

What is a game or story in a visual novel or Otome Game that threw you for a loop. Nekojishi as it stands right now absolutely takes the cake let me tell you. I was not expecting that.

Also, thinking about it, the ending wasn’t sad in a bad way but it was sad in that it made it seem like a dream like all the actions good or bad didn’t matter and that your time was just a dream. Still can’t wait to go again.

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