Anyone Ever get mad at their Otome men?

Greetings Dear Friends! So as I sit here under a cloudy spring sky and I wonder. Does anyone else get annoyed, no, made even at the prospective matches? Gay or straight I don’t care let us play out our story but kiss me sooner. Tell me sooner that you love me damn it.

These games I find mirror life a bit to well. We as humans get wrapped up in the day to day what if and what could happen instead of living for the here and now. I want my MC, hell I want myself to be loved more kissed more regularly. As we all should want.

I love my MC and I love the men I am introduced to in these worlds but I find the more I escape with these men the more I see bits and pieces of real life in them; and yes I get there is point. I just wish more people would romance me quick sweep me off my feet and brood less and love more. It is my love hate relationships in this wonderful genre.

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