Going to back to highschool in Monster Prom XXL

Awhile ago i finished Monster Prom XXL on my switch. This was a really epic visual novel / Dating sim. Regardless of who you go for on your first, second, or third playthrough you’ll have a great time.

The humor the game has is awesome along with really hitting the itch of almost like playing a highschool movie. Depending on what you do depends on what outcome you get and brings you back to the antics of playing a good game of dodgeball among friends.

Though there are great interactions doing the little things in the game the best stuff comes from the caf and choosing who to sit with and reading the absolutely hysterical banter between two of your possible romance options. The fact that the game also mixes up who sits with who as well means you’ll come back for more each time which is a nice touch.

The other thing i found really interesting about this game is that you can fail in your mission to have a romantic partner. You can go to ask them at the end of the time period and they can flat out reject you. Its not always sunshine and rainbows in highschool and that is okay.

Along with a few secret endings which i am sure at my time of writing a quick google search can make them not so secret this game has a ton to offer at its base. Add the DLC and you’ll have that much more to talk about and discover at camp haha.

The last thing i’ll add is this could be a great group game. It has multiplayer capabilites to it so get the friends together pop open some wine and relive what highschool could have been lime if we were monsters with Monster Prom XXL.

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