How do you handle Burn Out when gaming.

Hello Dear Readers,

Please tell me I am not the only gamer who deals with burnout. So how do you all deal with burn out when gaming? I am asking this because I sit here blogging to you all and am listening to youtube, I have games to play but the idea of playing a game right now just makes me feel so tired. I am mentally not remotely in the headspace to play anything. Nothing remotely sounds interesting to me. Here is the thing though.

That is okay. It is okay to take a step back and realize you don’t need to game 24/7 365. I am not going to say I didn’t game today. I 100% did game today. However I also have to listen to myself and know when I need a break. It is funny to me to sit here and say I need a break from gaming which is something that on a day to day so many use gaming to relax but it is true for me. Also if it is true for me it has to be true for someone else as well.

I know I am facing burnout when I am gaming and the game becomes to feel like a chore. Things that I use to love It is not bringing me joy. Also things like quests that use to make me feel complete now make me just go okay on to the next. and I stop enjoying the fact that I am making progress. When I am burnt out I just stop enjoying that feeling of accomplishment. As a gamer it is crazy to not find joy in the simple things. After all, how many games have reboots and or relaunches later on to great sales because we as gamers want to feel that nostalgia.

Let me put some numbers out there for you my dear readers and also to help myself break things down some more.

  1. Of my owned Xbox games I have 267…Wow.
  2. Of the actual games I have presently installed even with a 1tb external hard drive….51
  3. Of those that require an update because I don’t play them regularly….39

So in total I actually only play 12 games regularly enough to not need an update.

Here is the thing though I still get burnt out I still at times can’t be bothered and that is okay. I love just resting catching up on an Anime or just watching youtube to rest and recharge. Eventually that feeling of burnout will get less or at least for me that is true.

What do you all do for burn out. How do you combat it?

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