Who knew finding a Killer could be so fun!

Hello Dear Readers,

I have a confession. I LOVE who done it. I can curl up with a good Agatha Christie or any good mystery writer any day of the week. or even listen to them on audible. this is all leading up to have you all played any of the hunt a killer cases or their stand alone board games? I am presently half way through one with a dear friend and oh it is so good. We finished our third box about three weeks ago. We cannot wait for the next box!

To keep us busy while we wait for the next box my friend and I have been working on the Hunt a killer stand alone board games. So far we have done “Mystery at Magnolia Gardens”, “Death at a Dive Bar” and now we are going to in the next few nights work on “Body on the Boardwalk” I cannot wait. These have all been a blast to play.

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