Will I ever beat Dragon Age Inquisition?

Hey Dear Readers,

Let me start by saying I LOVE the dragon age series. It is one of the few series I actually have beaten and played through multiple times; with one great exception. The third series in the title Dragon Age Inquisition. Now this game is by far my favorite of the three we presently have to play. I get stuck on the ability to choose. Unashamed to admit I have restarted the game about 5 times from a Elf to a Dwarf and now I am a human male…..for now. I swear I will beat this game lol.

I blame choice and how everything changes based on who or what you are. It is so much fun seeing the different reactions I just don’t want to be left out and I also know yes that is what replay value is for but ugh I have an issue with waiting. Even at 31 haha.

What are some games you all LOVE but struggle finishing?

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