Will I ever beat Dragon Age Inquisition?

Hey Dear Readers,

Let me start by saying I LOVE the dragon age series. It is one of the few series I actually have beaten and played through multiple times; with one great exception. The third series in the title Dragon Age Inquisition. Now this game is by far my favorite of the three we presently have to play. I get stuck on the ability to choose. Unashamed to admit I have restarted the game about 5 times from a Elf to a Dwarf and now I am a human male…..for now. I swear I will beat this game lol.

I blame choice and how everything changes based on who or what you are. It is so much fun seeing the different reactions I just don’t want to be left out and I also know yes that is what replay value is for but ugh I have an issue with waiting. Even at 31 haha.

What are some games you all LOVE but struggle finishing?

Getting into Boardgame and Card games a great hobby

Hello my wonderful readers!

Happy Newyear! I hope everyone had fun. I however got a cold. BOOO lol. So since Covid is still very much a thing so on top of gaming. I have really gotten into the hobby of board and card games. From Monopoly to Farkle to anything in between my friend R and I have been getting into it. Here are a few of what we have been playing.

  1. Chess
  2. Yhatzee
  3. Farkle
  4. Splendor
  5. Qwixx
  6. Fox in the Forest
  7. HAK stand alone board games
  8. Catan Rivals

We have had great fun with all of these and will continue to keep up the hobby. What is everyone playing board and card game wise? I taught my mother how to play fox in the forest and she was hooked and beat me two times in a row. Was an interesting way to bring in the new years! lol.