My Otome backlog

Wow am I on a back log haha. Also I got two more Otome games. SO to review here is what’s on my Otome backlog plate.

  1. Finish Cafe Enchante
  2. Finish Collar X Mallice
  3. Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth
  4. Code Realize: Future Blessings
  5. Piofiore: Fated Memories

Clearly I have my work cut out for me but I am excited. I have already started Collar X Mallice and Code Realize so i’ll keep everyone posted. What does everyone else have on their back log list?

Making my way through Cafe Enchante and loving it

So as the title states i am working my way through the otome game Cafe Enchante. This very much for me was my dive into the world of Otome games and started the birth of this blog haha.

I have finished two of the five paths with Canus being the first and Ignis being the second. As of writing this i am making my way though Il’s path. The art style is great and I am finding the story super cute.

You are the owner of Cafe Enchante your late grandfathers coffee shop. When you go to take ownership you find a door and this door leads to other worlds where you meet the men you can romance.

Maybe because this is my first Otome game but I want to see how the different paths evolve and how they end. I’ll keep you all post on my progress and also a write out of each path as it goes. 🙂

Welcome to my Blog..Enjoy!

Well here is the first post. Wow it has a lot to live up to haha. Hopefully I can look back and this and know I have grown. Lets call me Otomebro. I am a 30 year old male here in the US. In 2019 I treated myself to a switch lite nothing big. After all, tons of gamers have them. Recently I picked up my first visual novel game and realized a few things.

1. These are fun games

2. Very few reviews are on them

3. I had NO idea where to get more content and trust me I needed more haha.

4. I wanted to solve that problem.

…..So here we are. Hi 🙂