Anyone Ever get mad at their Otome men?

Greetings Dear Friends! So as I sit here under a cloudy spring sky and I wonder. Does anyone else get annoyed, no, made even at the prospective matches? Gay or straight I don’t care let us play out our story but kiss me sooner. Tell me sooner that you love me damn it.

These games I find mirror life a bit to well. We as humans get wrapped up in the day to day what if and what could happen instead of living for the here and now. I want my MC, hell I want myself to be loved more kissed more regularly. As we all should want.

I love my MC and I love the men I am introduced to in these worlds but I find the more I escape with these men the more I see bits and pieces of real life in them; and yes I get there is point. I just wish more people would romance me quick sweep me off my feet and brood less and love more. It is my love hate relationships in this wonderful genre.

Otome Games are Ruining my expectations in Men

I feel like this is a regular occurrence in romance novels and I totally have fallen for it as well. However I never thought I would have it in a game. Regardless of what Otome Game I am playing I am finding that god damn I am falling for these guys as much as the female character I am playing.

Yeah I get they all will fit a typical stereo type but damn they do it so well. Be it the cool leader, the bad boy with the heart of gold, the goodie goodie who is about honor, or last the smart clumsy one. None of this is a bad thing it makes replaying part of the fun but they shouldn’t make them so damn charming.

Take Ignis from Cafe Enchante. I would be on him in a nano second if I could. Sure the other men are great and hit their mark with others but Ignis to me is just the bomb dot com. From his love of animals to his firey temper to his love of cooking and sense of Justice all of it made me love his character so much. Also including his back story when you do his route.

Alright show me a man like that in today’s world. I’ll wait but I doubt someone can show me someone. Curse you Otome games haha.