Played Longstory, lets make a long story short pardon the pun

Hey Friends! How are you all doing? I’ve played Longstory. This viaual novel I played it awhile ago and enjoyed it but not much for replayablity at least for me.

Longstory has you playing as a middleschooler and also allows you to play as male, female or even non-binary. You have some ability to change up the look and the art style is fun and lighthearted.

You can date any one of your classmates including the school mascot a turkeyhawk, which is honestly pretty comical. You have every type of school person to choose from. The jock, the shy girl, the outcast, and also a internet friend.

Each one has their own backstory and also dating scenes. The core story though stays the same throughout like any visual novel.

The DLC is also a nice addition and adds a fun detail but doesn’t really end end in a way you would expect. Almost feel rushed.

What did you all think of it, have you all played it?

What is your favorite Otome/ Dating sim Title?

Alright friends question of the day. What is YOUR favorite Otome / Dating sim title? Since this blog started due to Cafe Enchante it is easy to say what mine is. Haha. Now I want a hot chai tea mmmm.

Are there any that you are looking for or brought in from over seas?

I think after I get through my backlog I am going to probably get Dream Daddy. I had it on my phone but now that it is on the switch I think it will be a great grab and go dating game.

Are you all my dear readers liking straight, or gay dating games. I would love more feedback please send me links and recommendations.